March 3, 2012

Search for NULL values in Maximo applications

Today I want to share with you a little tip that allows to search for empty (NULL) values in every Maximo/TPAE application.
You can search for null and not null values by entering the following values into a search field on the Find tab:
  • To search for a null value enter: ~null~
  • To search for not null values enter: != ~null~

If your keyboard does not have the tilde '~' character you may type enter this character by typing 126 on your numeric keypad while pressing the 'Alt' key.
Maybe this sound obvious to you but it was not easy to discover...


  1. This doesn't work on advanced search fields like classification, any suggestions?

  2. Thank you so much! this works like a champ! No more child work orders cluttering the search!!!!

  3. In Windows, if you want tilde ~, you hold down Alt then press 126 on the keypad.